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Join rebels with a cause. 

We are fascinated by A.I. chatbots, voice assistants and what the conversation user interface with automation can do for us all. 

One might think this might mean the end of visual design as we know it, but instead we have so much work on brand identity that we don't know where to start!

And that's a good think, because we love brands  😄 🎉

Here's the deal:

  • We are looking for someone who loves designing simple but strong and recognisable visual identity
  • You'll be in charge of developing all clients chatbots and A.I. assistant identities including: the chatbot character avatar, it's visual content (images, cards, carousels), badges, SM content, Fb Messenger code stickers.. and sometimes even banners and business cards
  • You'll be working also on Worknb and Worknb Digitlal events brand ID.
  • Candidates need to have and advanced working knowledge of Sketch, Illustrator or Photoshop
  • You must be able to communicate effectively in English, as you will be speaking directly with our international clients

What you can expect:

  • We are an international remote working team with a base in Prague; you can work hard from anywhere. 
  • You are welcomed but don't need to commit full-time, neither part-time; you, however, commit to projects and are expected to be a great proactive communicator
  • If you are a strong creative, buzzing with ideas and excitement often forgetting about time while at work, you'll fit in! 
  • High hourly or project rates for high quality work
  • We are also getting involved in the CEE A.I. & chatbot scene so your work will get quite a bit of exposure
  • Once in a month the whole team goes on a retreat somewhere in Europe (for now). We quite like mountains :)
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Jan Tlustak

CEO & Founder


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